Hulk Smush Up

Hulk Smush Up 1.0

Action game featuring the Hulk
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Help Hulk destroy as much of the city as possible before turning back into Bruce Banner. Move around on the streets, climb buildings and smash everything in sight.

Hulk Smush Up is an action game based on the Incredible Hulk character.
In this free Flash game, you will guide Hulk through the city. He must destroy everything that he can before changing back to his human alter ego, Dr. Bruce Banner. The green monster can climb buildings if you use the up arrow key, and can hit to destroy whatever you want if you press the spacebar. If you hit the buildings several times, they will collapse. Some vehicles (like tanks, jeeps, helicopters and others) will appear from time to time. Some of them will open fire against you. You can smash them up. If your enemies’ fire reaches you several times, or if the time runs out, you will change into your human shape again, and the game will be over.

Your goal is to destroy as much properties as you can. Your score will be measured according to the amount of money lost because of the devastation you have caused.

When the game finishes, it will offer you to check more games at However, the site does not exist anymore. This game can be played online in several places, but in you can download it free.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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